Vol. 2 (Issue 1), 2021 PUBLISHED

Vol. 2 (Issue 1), 2021 PUBLISHED

Volume 2, Issue 1, 99-129, March 2021


Brief Overview on Design Techniques and Architectures of SAR ADCs ························· 99
Kunwoo Park, Dong-Jin Chang, and Seung-Tak Ryu

Recent Developments in High Resolution Delta-Sigma Converters ······························ 109
Jaedo Kim, and Jeongjin Roh


Proton Irradiation Effects in GaN-based devices ···························································· 119
Dongmin Keum, Hyungtak Kim, and Ho-Young Cha


GAN-based Color Palette Extraction System by Chroma Finetuning with Reinforcement
Learning ··························································································································· 125
Sanghyuk Kim and Suk-Ju Kang

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