Foreword from the President of the Institute of Semiconductor Engineering

  I would like to congratulate on successfully launching the inaugural issue of JSE, the Journal of Semiconductor Engineering. JSE is the official journal sponsored and published by the Institute of Semiconductor Engineering, ISE. ISE was established in 2017 to be an academic and professional institute for serving the Korean semiconductor industry matching up to the global presence of Korea in the semiconductor industry and thereby promoting the Korean research leadership in this technology. Now that the official journal, JSE, is being commenced, I hope JSE will become the supreme gathering place of the leading-edge research on semiconductor engineering and technology in a wide framework of materials, processes, devices, circuits, systems, and design automations including interdisciplinary fields. I hope the editorial team composed by prominent scholars in the field, led by Prof Seung-Hoon Lee of Sogang University would fully exercise their expertise and vast experiences to bring about the most valuable journal filled with profoundly inspiring, state-of-the-art research in the semiconductor field not only from Korea but also globally. ISE sincerely appreciates your strong support and active participation. Together we will witness the great success and prosperity of JSE.

President of the Institute of Semiconductor Engineering

Deog-Kyoon Jeong

Seoul National University, Seoul, Korea